Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars
Washington, DC
November 4/5, 2002



Resilience, panarchy and ecosystem dynamics
Lance Gunderson
Dept. of Environmental Studies
Emory University
Managing with ecological thresholds: Fire and Forest
Dynamics in Eglin Air Force Base, FL
Garry Peterson
Center for Limnology
University of Wisconsin
Landscape pattern, ecological processes and critical thresholds
Monica Turner
University of Wisconsin
Department of Zoology
Ecological thresholds in alpine ecosystems
Jill S. Baron
Natural Resource Ecology Laboratory
U.S. Geological Survey
Colorado State University
Atmospheric inputs and ecological function
Kathleen C. Weathers
Institute of Ecosystem Studies
Terrestrial Ecosystems Can Be So Nonlinear:
Implications for Science and Policy
James Reynolds
Duke University
Looking for Thresholds in Coupled Biophysical River Ecosystems
N. LeRoy Poff
Department of Biology
Colorado State University
Nutrient thresholds in estuaries: Moving targets influenced by human and climate change
Hans W. Paerl
Kenan Professor of Marine & Environmental Sciences
Institute of Marine Sciences
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill